New and exciting!

Hi guys,

Today would usually be “your opinion please” day, but I’ve been busy working on some new and exciting stuff for the blog for next week!

I’m not going to leave you completely disappointed and empty-handed though!… Here’s some of my favourite pics from my blog-trawling this week that have inspired me, and I hope that they inspire you too! Have a great weekend!


via Poema Bat Soilik


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Welcome to the world of inspir@lia

Hello world!

My name is Stephanie (but please call me Steph!). I’m not a qualified interior designer or decorator. I’m an Aussie mum of three kids, wife of one more kid (joking… kinda :p), I’m obsessed with Pinterest, I am subscribed to so many design blogs that I struggle to keep up with them all (especially with three lovely little ones attached to my legs!), I love the world of interior design and I am trying to make my family’s life the best it can be through that art-form.

I think that my eye for design and my ideas are pretty good. In fact, I think they’re so good that you are gunna love them too (I hope you will!!).

I hope that I can help to inspire you, and at the same time inspire myself!

So, as an introduction to me and to inspir@lia, here’s some pics to give you an idea of what you’re in for!

via ApartmentDiet

via House and Home

via House to Home

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My philosophy for life!