Real Estate Stalking…A Little Bit of Paris in Freo

A Little Bit of Paris in Freo

I was feeling a bit down last night so I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking through houses that I’ll never be able to afford in places that I’d love to live, but never will…?! and I came across this beautiful home in one of my favourite places in Perth – Fremantle. It’s not my usual style, and with all the white linen I wouldn’t actually be able to allow my children to come into the house, but if someone offered it to me I definitely wouldn’t say no!

Perhaps we’ll just buy this as our holiday home, and not bring the kids with us when we holiday!

What do you think? Besides the fact that I’d probably need a couple of extra million $$, I’d be happy to take this house!

Images via and BinocularsUK