New and exciting!

Hi guys,

Today would usually be “your opinion please” day, but I’ve been busy working on some new and exciting stuff for the blog for next week!

I’m not going to leave you completely disappointed and empty-handed though!… Here’s some of my favourite pics from my blog-trawling this week that have inspired me, and I hope that they inspire you too! Have a great weekend!


via Poema Bat Soilik


via Nest Design Studio


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These are a few of my favourite things… Dining Chairs

I used to be one of those people who thought that you just buy whatever dining chairs come in the set with your dining table. I didn’t realise the whole world of beautiful possibilities there are out there! I have since become a little obsessed with chairs – dining chairs, side chairs, occasional chairs, sofas, chaises – all kinds of wonderful chairs!

So I thought that today I would show you a few of my favourites:


1. The Eiffel Base Chair by Charles Eames

I love these chairs for the fact that they are simple and yet so stylish at the same time. I bought five of these a few weeks ago with high-gloss black fibreglass shells – I’m so in love! My poor children are getting a bit sick of being told off for getting fingerprints on my chairs! But they are so easy to clean and they are actually incredibly comfortable.

I love the green ones above as well as the white shown below.

via DesignerBlog


2. The Side Chair designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll

via Solothais

via Anne Sage

At the moment these are my favourite-looking chairs. They look so light and airy and visually take up very little space in a room, but at the same time they are also very strong and will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, I have heard on the grapevine that they aren’t terribly comfortable. I’m thinking to buy just one and use it as an occasional chair somewhere – not sure where, but I need at least one of them! I might try to sew together a more substantial seat pad so I don’t end up with a lovely wire pattern on my bum every time I sit down!



3. The Louis Ghost Armchair designed by Philippe Starck

Another chair that visually doesn’t take up very much space in a room. If your dining table is in a small area, and other dining chairs make the room look too crowded, these chairs are worth consideration. In a more traditional setting they are a modern update to a classic, and in a more contemporary setting they are modern and sophisticated with a bit of old-world style.



4. The Marais Chair designed by Xavier Pauchard for Tolix

via Emma’s Blog

These classic cafe-style chairs fit in perfectly with the currently fashionable “industrial” style of interior design. Very cool and (for any Aussie readers) very “Melbourne”! But, if you’re a bit like me and you like the industrial style but really need some colour in your life, these chairs can be powdercoated pretty much any colour of the rainbow and they make a fabulous feature.

via Living Etc Magazine

I love these chairs and the barstools as well. I would really love to have three bright-coloured barstools at the island bench in our new home, but (once again) my dear husband doesn’t like them. Not because he doesn’t like the look but because he thinks that they look uncomfortable. I suppose he does have a bit of a boney bum! Well this next photo shows that all you need is a wife that is handy with a sewing machine and, voila!

Your opinion please!


Okay, so, here’s the deal-io. We’re building a new house, and my aim is to design the interior as beautifully and as functionally as possible. I’ve been doing a lot of research (hence the fact that I have enough information to write a blog!) and I want your opinion on it.

So, every week on a Friday I’m going to write a “your opinion please!” post on the blog. This week it’s the kitchen.

Following is a couple of photos I came across of a kitchen in a designer’s home in Østerbro, Denmark.

Designers home in Østerbro Designers Home in Østerbro











via Design Attractor


I love Scandinavian design. I think that they make spaces look so effortless and easy to live in. I would definitely need to add some colour – a bright-coloured tea-towel and a few colourful kitchen utensils and bits and pieces artfully scattered around.

So this is what I like, but as the title of this post suggests, I want your opinion. I want your honest opinion (but try not to be nasty!), specifically on two factors: aesthetics (obviously, my kitchen has to be pretty!) and functionality (specifically keeping in mind that I have three children under 100cm tall!).

Post your comments below!