New and exciting!

Hi guys,

Today would usually be “your opinion please” day, but I’ve been busy working on some new and exciting stuff for the blog for next week!

I’m not going to leave you completely disappointed and empty-handed though!… Here’s some of my favourite pics from my blog-trawling this week that have inspired me, and I hope that they inspire you too! Have a great weekend!


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Real Estate Stalking…A Little Bit of Paris in Freo

A Little Bit of Paris in Freo

I was feeling a bit down last night so I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking through houses that I’ll never be able to afford in places that I’d love to live, but never will…?! and I came across this beautiful home in one of my favourite places in Perth – Fremantle. It’s not my usual style, and with all the white linen I wouldn’t actually be able to allow my children to come into the house, but if someone offered it to me I definitely wouldn’t say no!

Perhaps we’ll just buy this as our holiday home, and not bring the kids with us when we holiday!

What do you think? Besides the fact that I’d probably need a couple of extra million $$, I’d be happy to take this house!

Images via and BinocularsUK

These are a few of my favourite things… Velvet Sofas

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Velvet Sofas

I have spent the last few months searching for the perfect grey velvet sofa for our bedroom. For the first month or so it was difficult to find anything, but all of a sudden I’m seeing all of these beautiful images of velvet sofas everywhere, so I thought that I’d share them with you.

via Adore Magazine

This sofa is the “Lampert” sofa by Jonathan Adler. If I could afford it, this would definitely be my perfect sofa, but it retails for $3,495, so it’s just a little out of my price range!

via Trendey

via Desire to Inspire

via Design*Sponge

(Sorry, I wish I could get a bigger image of that one, but I can’t find anything bigger!)

via Belle Maison

via Urban Outfitters

The “Antoinette Fainting Sofa” is gorgeous and is very reasonably priced, at only $579. Only problem being that they don’t ship to Australia so I will need to organise a US shipping address and have it forwarded to Australia, but even inclusive of that cost, it’s pretty reasonable. (If anyone from Urban Outfitters happens to be reading, shipping to Australia would be really, really handy!)

via Me!

This one is like something out of one of my sofa dreams! The velvet almost looks like liquid and every time I go into the store I can’t help but run my hand over it’s silky, soft, liquid-velvety smoothness for just a little while!  It’s in one of my favourite stores in Perth, Empire, in Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, and I went down there the other day to take a photo of this sofa for you (and to have a little feel of it again!). Once again, out of my price range, but I’m working on some fundraising ideas!


Your opinion please!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again! That means it’s time to put my decorating dilemmas out to you.

Today I’m trying to decide on floors. Floors and lighting should pretty much be the first decisions made when thinking about decorating your home. They will be the canvas for everything else and all other choices will flow on from these… no pressure!

So I’ve decided that I want a black/white/grey neutral scheme for the house so that I can add colour with accessories. I’ve narrowed down the flooring to three different options and I want you to help me to choose.


Option Number 1: White Floorboards

Now, before you all go and say, “white floorboards will show up too much dirt”, the kind of white that I’m talking about is a roughly-painted white, with a fair bit of the grey and brown of the wood showing through.

via Pinterest

I love the look of white floorboards! As I’ve mentioned before, I love Scandinavian design and the way that they make rooms look so light and airy. White floors are one of the signature elements of Scandinavian design and they do so much to open up a room and make even the darkest of rooms feel bright, which they really need in a land where nighttime can last for months!


Option number 2: Polished Concrete

I love the raw, industrial look of polished concrete. My dream is to one day live in a converted warehouse, but seeing that it’s only a dream, and the only way for it to actually happen would be to build a time-machine and go back in time to before my husband’s conception and change his genetic make-up so that he’s not genetically wired to only like brand-spanking-new boring houses, I could have one of the elements of an industrial space in my house with polished concrete floors.

via Design*Sponge

How cool is this?! They can stamp pretty much any design you want into concrete just after it’s been poured. No way I’d ever actually be able to afford to do this, and I doubt very much that our builder does anything quite as intricate as this, but I can dream, can’t I?


Option number 3: Tiles

Now, with tiles I am hoping to kind of mimic the look of the concrete floors, and am looking at quite large tiles (600 X 600mm) with a natural stone look to them – not glossy.


So, what do you think? Once again, two factors – aesthetics and functional plausibility.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you,



P.S. Congratulations to Michael from the Australian TV show, The Renovators, on channel 10. He and his team did an awesome job of renovating their “fibro cottage”, but my favourite was Luke and the team’s renovation of the “inner-city-terrace” (pictured below).

via The Renovators TV