Your opinion please!


Okay, so, here’s the deal-io. We’re building a new house, and my aim is to design the interior as beautifully and as functionally as possible. I’ve been doing a lot of research (hence the fact that I have enough information to write a blog!) and I want your opinion on it.

So, every week on a Friday I’m going to write a “your opinion please!” post on the blog. This week it’s the kitchen.

Following is a couple of photos I came across of a kitchen in a designer’s home in Østerbro, Denmark.

Designers home in Østerbro Designers Home in Østerbro











via Design Attractor


I love Scandinavian design. I think that they make spaces look so effortless and easy to live in. I would definitely need to add some colour – a bright-coloured tea-towel and a few colourful kitchen utensils and bits and pieces artfully scattered around.

So this is what I like, but as the title of this post suggests, I want your opinion. I want your honest opinion (but try not to be nasty!), specifically on two factors: aesthetics (obviously, my kitchen has to be pretty!) and functionality (specifically keeping in mind that I have three children under 100cm tall!).

Post your comments below!



4 responses to “Your opinion please!

  1. Hello there
    Thanks for your comment The curtains in the house of Anouk are her own concept So you should contact here where to get them.. although you are far away 😉 I wish you lots of fun decorating your new home!

  2. Interestingly enough we are extending our home and a new kitchen is something I need to think about – incorporate it into the design and what it should look like. I am somewhat at a loss, so I’m really pleased that you keep coming up with ideas.

    So your pictures. I like this kitchen it looks functional without seeming cold. I also like the fact that the units are on legs. I guess it would depend on the space it fitted into but the black doesn’t seem to be too heavy and works beautifully with the white. I have to say that a white floor would last about 10 mins in our house.

    I also don’t think this kitchen would easily date – it’s a very contemporary design.

    I look forward to seeing more of your design finds.

  3. This is a really sophisticated kitchen. The massive amount of natural light coming in through those gorgeous Windows balances the black perfectly. At a functional level, I think the units on legs would cause a fair bit more cleaning for you. Dust, food, kids toys that have rolled underneath… that’s my only concern. But very very pretty!

    • True. I love the look of the legs because it makes the kitchen appear more spacious, but I think it would probably get pretty annoying have to get down on my hands and knees 53 times a day to retrieve children’s toys!

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