I’m so glad now that I have started writing this blog. I get to live vicariously through it!

I love chandeliers! I think that they can bring sophistication and “wow factor” to any room. You would probably think that, reading this, I have at least one in every room in my home. But alas, no! My husband hates them! So I’m going to live my dream life in the blogosphere and hope that I can inspire those of you with open-minded partners to take the plunge and add some beauty and drama to your space!

Look at this beautiful kitchen. You don’t need a traditional space to have a chandelier. This modern kitchen with strong lines and industrial stools could look very cold and masculine. Instead the beautiful feminine lines of this chandelier give this kitchen just the right amount of drama.

via HomeCreat

How awesome is this amazing chandelier above a bath by Abigail Ahern?! I love everything that this woman does! How beautiful would you feel, soaking away all of your worries in this bathroom?

via Atelier Abigail Ahern

I love these custom-made orange-painted plywood chandeliers by Gerard Pinto. They’re in one of my favourite places, San Churro Chocolateria (they have shops here in Perth in Leederville, Subiaco and Hillarys Boat Harbour).

via AlexEarl

via Perth Coffee Escape

Such beautiful examples of loveliness!… oh well! I might just have to buy some of these cute prints by ledamae


…or buy my daughter a gorgeous tee by Billie Mac Clothing



2 responses to “Chandeliers

  1. I don’t think I would ever have considered putting a chandelier in the kitchen, but that first picture looks fantastic. Thanks for bringing such inspiration.

    We are currently have planning permission to build an extension onto our home – although we must furnish it creatively and on a budget so all your inspiration will be gratefully received. I will read with interest. Thank you.

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