Welcome to the world of inspir@lia

Hello world!

My name is Stephanie (but please call me Steph!). I’m not a qualified interior designer or decorator. I’m an Aussie mum of three kids, wife of one more kid (joking… kinda :p), I’m obsessed with Pinterest, I am subscribed to so many design blogs that I struggle to keep up with them all (especially with three lovely little ones attached to my legs!), I love the world of interior design and I am trying to make my family’s life the best it can be through that art-form.

I think that my eye for design and my ideas are pretty good. In fact, I think they’re so good that you are gunna love them too (I hope you will!!).

I hope that I can help to inspire you, and at the same time inspire myself!

So, as an introduction to me and to inspir@lia, here’s some pics to give you an idea of what you’re in for!

via ApartmentDiet

via House and Home

via House to Home

via tumblr

My philosophy for life!


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